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With modern technology online casinos are becoming more popular than ever before. Still, it can be a real struggle navigating the modern landscape of online gambling and choosing the best option for you. At Hoop Casino we spend time researching and reviewing top online casinos so if you are in one of the states, we cover we make sure that finding the top online casino is as easy as a simple online search. Search for different characteristics of online casino providers that are important to you, whether it is the bonuses, promotions, quality of games, payout and much more. Our top online casinos are picked by a panel of experts from the perspective of the user.

Welcome Bonuses

A good bonus is a great way to get ahead at an online casino. A bonus can help you increase your winnings as well as add excitement to playing online. What is cashback? When an online casino offers cashback bonuses, it means that the player receives a certain percentage back of every qualifying gaming purchase. That’s why online casino players love cashback bonuses! Not only do we list the best online casinos to win money with top cashback bonuses, but we are also always on the lookout for loyalty points and VIP clubs as we know our users do too!

Most Popular Online Casino Games

Visit Hoop Casino list of popular games and find what suits your needs better: maybe you prefer slots or you instead you like card games better? Perhaps you prefer games based on skill instead of luck? Here are the most played games online and some suggestions for where to find them.


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We understand why it can be difficult to trust online casinos with your information and money. Whether you’re worried about sites sharing your details or mishandling your funds, we’ve got you covered. We work hard to bring you safe and responsible gaming experiences so you can focus on having fun!  

At Hoop Casino we guarantee that our service will always be 100% free for our players, which is why we may receive a fee from the casinos you enjoy playing at the most.  

Trust is the basis of our service. Our goal is to recommend only trustworthy casinos to help you make the best gambling decisions, so you can have fun and feel safe at all times. 

Latest news and tips

At Hoop Casino not only do we help you finding top online casinos, but we also give you the latest news on your favorite facilities, games, the legal regulations in your jurisdictions and all the latest tips and updates from the industry.

You can always count on Hoop Casino for advice on how to choose the best online casino site and explore our lists with some of the best online gaming providers to check out.

Hoop Casino provides detailed reviews on the most popular casinos, so you can decide by yourself which of them fits your needs better. Are you a beginner or an experienced online casino player? Find the one that is more adequate for your level of expertise.

Expert advice

Do you want to improve your online gambling experience with tips and strategies? Then you’re in the right place. At Hoop Casino we discuss the best methods to gamble online and provide useful tips to increase your chances of winning big.  

It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or seasoned gambler, Hoop Casino will provide valuable expert tips and advice for all levels and games. Meet our team of seasoned experts, who are here to make your life easier.  

With more than 15 years of industry knowledge we are confident that the advice we offer will give you useful tips about how to choose the best online casino for your needs. 

Once we have recommended an operator, you can be certain that it is not only one of the top online casinos but is licensed and regulated in the State that we cover. This means that it will legally accept your business and will play fair.  

Although some jurisdictions don’t allow citizens or residents to gamble online, we have provided detailed overviews with the most current information about your state and other topics you might be interested in reading on legal regulation of online casinos in the USA. 

Every legal online casino must be tightly regulated and as such security is a major concern during the licensing process. Hoop Casino only lists casinos that have been properly licensed.  

This means that the casino can demonstrate that they have the ability and tools to protect personal and financial information, and securely process transactions. If you are looking for more information, Hoop Casino reviews include a section dedicated to safety and security. 

Since we know how important it is for players to be able to withdraw their hard-earned money, we have spent time and effort finding the best online casinos that pay real cash. The best online casinos to win money offer everything you need, including a large bonus, high-average payouts, and a mobile app or casino that is compatible with your Android, iPhone, or other devices. Our team has picked a list of the best real money casinos that you can find here. 

Yes, and they are exactly the same as the most popular online casinos – except for the fact that you can’t win any real money when playing games for free. At Hoop Casino there are many games to choose from, including roulette, blackjack, and video poker 

Some casinos don’t even require you to register! As the games are the same as the most popular online casino games, you’ll know what to expect when you choose to move on to real-money gaming.

These days the majority of the most popular casino games in the real world have been made available online, allowing every gambler from the novice to the most experienced player find and play their favorite online casino games 24/7.  

There are many high-quality online options, including table and card games such as poker, slots (many of which are only available online), and table games. Check out our games page for detailed information on dozens of the most popular online casino games. 

The payout percentage is the percentage of the total amount a slot takes from players over a period and pays it as winnings to a player. This percentage can range from 75% up to 98%. The payout percentage varies depending upon the type of game or casino. However, people mistakenly interpret it to mean the amount of winnings the slot will pay them.  

Some players think that if they invest real money like PS100, they will get PS198. This is an incorrect betting system ideology. A payout percentage does not mean that you will receive a payout for your wagering money. To find out more about the payout percentage and the tactics you can use to increase the chances of winning check out our tips and tricks section.  

Expert Game Tips

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