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NJ Online Casino Bonus Guide: Unlock the Best Offers in 2024

Did you know that New Jersey has one of the most flexible online casino gambling laws in the US? That certainly is one of the reasons why many competitive online casinos are trying to attract as many people as possible and convince them to register on their platform. 

One of the promotion methods these operators use is offering New Jersey online casino bonuses that players can use for different online casino games. 

However, why are NJ casino bonuses beneficial for players? They allow people to research the platform, get familiar with different games and improve their experience without spending too much money. 

After in-depth market research, we have noticed that people have common questions regarding casino bonuses. They want to know which types of bonuses exist, which bonus terms they must meet, how to claim online casino bonuses and which gambling platforms have the best offerings. Answers to these and many other questions are shared in our guide. We invite you to read it! 

Best NJ Online Casino Bonuses of 2024

As we said in the intro, every online casino bonus type comes with certain terms and conditions. Apart from that, each NJ online casino determines independently the amount of bonus cash and free spins that players can claim. After analyzing all these parameters, we have concluded that four online casinos deserve your attention. 

Casino brand Offers Details
Borgata Casino  Claim Now 100% deposit match up to $1000 + $20 Bonus Dollars
Fanduel Casino  Claim Now 200 bonus spins & get up to $1000 back
Draftkings Casino  Claim Now  100% deposit match up to $2000
BetMGM Casino  Claim Now  100% deposit match up to $2500

Borgata Casino

Borgata online casino is popular for its unique bonus offers. Its welcome package offers bonus money that players can use after opening an online casino account and making the first deposit. The offering looks like this: 100% deposit match up to $1000 + $20 bonus dollars.

Bonus dollars will be automatically added to your online casino account. The wagering rate is 1x, which we consider one of the best NJ online casino bonus terms. On the other hand, with a minimal deposit of $10, you can claim up to $1000 in the form of bonus money. The wagering rate is 15x, and you have 30 days to meet that requirement. 

Borgata NJ online casino bonus

FanDuel Casino

FanDuel also offers some interesting NJ casino bonuses. Despite 200 free spins that players can use on online slots, they can also receive bonus money back. To be precise, in the first 24 hours after opening an account, players can get back up to $1000. Believe it or not, the wagering rage for this promotion is only 1x. This is enough good reason for us to highlight FanDuel as one of the top online casinos available in New Jersey. 



DraftKings Casino

DraftKings, without any doubt, offers one of the best casino bonuses for the newcomers. As a newly registered player, you can claim a 100% deposit match bonus, and the maximum bonus amount you can get is $2000. This is one of the online casinos with the most generous deposit bonus match.   


BetMGM Casino

Last but not least, an operator with a great New Jersey online casino bonus is BetMGM Casino. You can claim a deposit bonus match of 100% for all deposits up to $2500, which we consider very generous. The wagering rate for unlocking the welcome bonus is 15x and you have 14 days to meet that term. 


Types of Online Casino Bonuses in NJ

After highlighting the NJ online casinos with the best bonuses, it is time to move to further explanations. Legal online casinos operating in New Jersey have complete freedom of choosing which type of bonus to offer. Different types of promotions can either bring you bonus credits or free spins. Apart from that, we must highlight that they come with different requirements, while the way they work is not the same. Fulfill your online gambling journey with some useful information and choose the most suitable bonuses for your needs. 

Welcome Bonuses

The most professional NJ online casinos will allow you to claim a bonus immediately after registration and making the first deposit. They usually come as a deposit bonus match expressed in percentages. For instance, if you deposit $100 and the welcome bonus is 100%, you will get an additional 100 USD in the form of bonus money.

Apart from that, you may find different package deals that can bring you bonus money and free spins at the same time. The entire bonus offer may be divided into several first deposits you make as a newly registered player. 

Yet, that’s not all. Every casino site in New Jersey will also define the maximum amount of bonus cash you can claim this way. For instance, the offer can look like this – 100% deposit bonus match up to $1000. Even if your initial deposit is $2000, the maximum amount you can claim will remain $1000. Usually, the bonus amount will be automatically added to your balance. However, in some cases, you may need to use NJ casino promo codes additionally and add the bonus manually to your wallet. 

Some NJ online casino sites with the best welcome bonuses are Borgata Casino, FanDuel Casino, and BetMGM Casino. Please read the bonus terms carefully! 

No-Deposit Bonuses

The name of this bonus type reveals everything. A no deposit bonus in New Jersey ensures that newly registered players get support immediately after registration without any obligation to deposit money. The reward can come in the form of either free cash or spins. In most cases, NJ online casinos limit the usage of this form of bonus on a specific game or game category. In some cases, you may be able to use it on the diversity of games developed by the same software development companies. 

NJ casino bonuses that do not require an initial deposit have certain advantages and disadvantages. Obviously, new players won’t have to spend a single penny, and they can immediately start playing after opening a new online casino account. Unfortunately, based on our experience, no deposit bonuses are rare. They usually have stricter terms and conditions, even if available on certain platforms. 

Free Spins

In the previous part, we were mostly focused on the bonus money amounts you can claim in different ways. However, online casinos in New Jersey sometimes focus on providing free play through free spins. This type of reward can be used for slot games. Sometimes, they can be part of the welcome bonus, but they can also be a reward in the form of no deposit promotion. 

Gambling sites always set up the maximum value of each spin you can claim through this promotion. Also, they will determine the maximum amount of money you can earn and the games available for using FS (no, you usually won’t have the freedom to use them on any game you want). The money you earn after usage of free spins needs to be wagered for a specific number of times. 

So, how to use this promotion effectively? Every online casino will set the limitations we talked about. Because of that, we can only say this is the least flexible NJ casino bonus on the list. However, if the requirements are not too strict, we recommend using them for different online slot games. That way, you will get familiar with more options and easily find the most suitable casino games. 

Reload Bonuses

Every NJ online casino is offering reload bonuses. Yet, most people do not recognize this phrase since it is not often used by the operators. Reload bonuses are those promotions available to players who have made any deposit on the gambling platform. 

The promotion can be available for each player at any moment of their gambling journey. For example, the welcome bonus is also the type of reload bonus. However, the deposit match bonus can also be available for the existing players.

For instance, the NJ online casino can organize a promo period where the first deposit of the day can be supported by a deposit match bonus of 100%. Also, there are regular daily rewards and other types of reload bonuses. The bonus offer can look like this – on Tuesdays and Fridays, players who deposit at least $10 can get 10 FS.

Cashback Bonus

Believe it or not, some online casinos will let you take back a part of the money you lost while gambling online. These NJ casino bonuses aren’t rare at all. On the contrary, they can sometimes be part of the welcome package (one of the recommended online casino sites has such an offer). However, cashback bonuses can also be a regular promotion that people can use every week. 

So, how do regular cashback promotions work? Well, an online casino in New Jersey will set a minimal limit on the money that you must spend to apply for such a promotion. For example, if you spend $500, you can get 5% of the total amount, but if you spend between $501 and $1000, you can get 6% back. Logically, the cash amount you receive back will also come with certain wagering requirements. Your task is to find an NJ online casino with reasonable wagering requirements. 

Loyalty and VIP Programs

It would be insane that New Jersey online casinos do not reward the most loyal customers on their website. Becoming a VIP member of any gambling platform is usually possible in two ways. 

The first option is collecting points; the more points you collect, the higher your status will be on the website. Logically, the number of points you collect depends on your spending on the website.  

Some NJ casinos won’t have such requirements. Instead, customer service will invite the most loyal customers to the VIP club at some point during their journey. There is no clearly defined set of rulers that has to be followed. Like in the previous case, everything depends on your activity on the website. 

Loyalty and VIP programs can be pretty beneficial for players. They will get deposit match bonuses more often with larger amounts of free cash they can get and more reasonable wagering requirements. You will also get a more personalized customer support service, higher limits on deposits and withdrawals and other similar benefits. Of course, only experienced players with larger budgets should be interested in this type of online casino offers. 

Wagering Requirements

We mentioned many times in the previous part that each NJ online casino independently determines wagering rates for unlocking bonuses. They may seem tricky and confusing at first glance. However, things are quite simple to understand. 

Suppose you have gotten 50 FS as part of the welcome deposit bonus match package. After using them, you have managed to earn $100. The wagering rate on the selected NJ online casino is x25. In that case, your spending on the website will need to be $2500 to unlock those $100 and either withdraw or use them on the website. This doesn’t necessarily mean you must deposit $2500 to your online casino account. Every winning on the website that you used also counts. Professional online casinos usually give you insights into the amount of money left to be wagered.  

We could provide no specific tips on how to meet the wagering rate quicker. Our only advice is to read the bonus terms carefully before starting the unlocking procedure. We will add here that online casinos don’t only define the wagering rate as the only bonus term that players need to meet. The first step towards your goal is to deposit the minimum amount of money clearly defined by the gambling site you selected. Also, remember that meeting the wagering requirements also comes with a certain deadline. 

How to Choose the Best New Jersey Online Casino Bonus

Most players would want to know how to find the most exclusive bonuses in the online gambling market. In our opinion, there are four different criteria you should take into consideration. Most people focus on the number of free spins and the amount of bonus cash they can get. However, that’s the least important factor of all. Continue reading and gain some useful tips! 

Bonus Size and Type

The bonus size does matter, but it is not the essential factor you should focus on. Indeed, it is always better to, for example, get 200 dollars than $100 of free cash. Despite the bonus size, you should also check out the available bonus types the selected NJ online casino site offers. The offering should feature a high level of diversity that will meet the requirements and expectations of each player. 

Welcome bonuses have become a standard. The best gambling sites will always allow you to claim a reward immediately after registration and making the first deposit. However, some people would rather get free cash, while others are more keen to register on websites offering free spins. Ultimately, some people would open a new online casino account that offers no deposit bonuses. Which type of bonus is the most suitable for your needs depends on the gambling style you prefer and the online casino games you like to play. 

Wagering Requirements and Game Contributions 

In our opinion, the most important factor players should consider is overall bonus terms and conditions. Logically, the two most important ones are wagering rate and game contributions.

Imagine you get $2000 as bonus cash that you must wager 150 times. What are the chances that you will manage to meet that requirement? Bad online casinos usually try to hide strict wagering rates with impressive bonus sizes, so we recommend you get familiar with this bonus term before even making the first deposit!

Apart from that, you should also research the contribution of each game in the bonus unlocking procedure. Slots, in most cases, contribute 100%. However, the percentage with table games, live casino games and, eventually, virtual games is always much lower. In some cases, wagering is only possible with slot games. If you are a much bigger fan of roulette, blackjack or baccarat, such game contribution won’t be adequate for you. 

Other Bonus Terms and Conditions 

Unfortunately, the wagering requirement is not the only rule you must follow to enjoy the bonuses. Despite that bonus term, you should also pay attention to the minimal deposit you must make to apply for the bonus. If you find a casino offering a sign up bonus, this rule will not exist. However, if the deposit is required, it should suit everyone’s budget. Bonuses are always more dedicated to people with lower budgets wanting to test different games and get familiar with the gambling platform. If you, as a low-stake player, cannot meet this requirement, you have picked the wrong website. 

Despite the minimum deposit, there are two more rules we consider essential. You should also check if there are certain limitations regarding online casino games. Some casinos will not allow you to choose the game for spending free spins and cash. They may limit you to just one game or a group of games developed by the same software development companies. These limitations are more relatable to no deposit bonuses, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. If those limits do not allow you to enjoy your favorite game with bonus credits, then you haven’t picked the right promotion. 

Last but not least is the deadline for meeting the wagering requirement. On average, casinos offer 7 to 30 days to meet the main bonus term. Yet, if the wagering rate is stricter, it is fair to expect a longer deadline for such an obligation. All the mentioned bonus terms and conditions are clearly explained for each bonus type you can find on any online casino. 

Reputation and Legacy of the Online Casino

Most people are impressed by the NJ online casinos’ amazing welcome bonus offers. After that, they want to check out the online gaming opportunities available on the platform. Although these two features are important, there is something you primarily need to focus on – reputation and legacy of the website. 

Best casino bonuses are available only on licensed gambling sites. The licenses confirm that your selected online casino has passed all the necessary tests.

These tests were done by independent testing labs that are part of regulatory bodies responsible for the maintenance of online gambling in specific jurisdiction, region, state or country.

If the license does not exist or isn’t valid anymore, there are no guarantees that bonuses are actually legit. To simplify your process of finding the licensed NJ online casinos with best bonuses, you can check out our table attached on this page. 

Tips for Maximizing Your Bonus Benefits

Let’s imagine that you found a casino that offers an amazing deposit bonus match offer for newcomers. Yet, would that incredible offer mean anything to you if you don’t know how to take advantage of it? It is completely normal to be unsure how to use bonus credits the best possible way, especially if you are a beginners. That’s why we recommend you read our tips on using NJ casino bonus offers best possible way. 

Read and Understand Bonus Terms and Conditions

The best insight into the quality of online casino bonuses is the bonus terms and conditions. Millions of dollars you can potentially unlock after making the first deposit won’t mean anything if the wagering rate and deadline are unrealistic. The point of bonuses is to simplify the gambling journey of the newly registered members and existing ones. Unclear bonus rules should be considered as a huge red flag. Everything should be clearly and properly explained. 


To take advantage of casino bonuses, you should focus on the wagering rate, minimum deposit, and game limits in case such a limitation exists. By knowing the terms you have to meet, you will easily organize your budget and style of playing. Anyways, claiming bonuses isn’t mandatory, so you can give up on this if the bonus terms seem too unrealistic for your budget. 

Starting with Low-Wager Games

Who says that you must spend all your money at once? The purpose of bonuses is not to chase massive wins. The point of claiming any online casino promo offer is to give yourself a chance to research different game options, gain some experience and become a better gambler after depositing real money. 

That is the reason why we strongly recommend you start with low-wager games. If you are a big fan of slot games, then you should look for those options that have a reasonable minimum spin value requirement. In case you have the chance to use the bonus for live casino section, look for table game variants that allow you to gamble with small amounts. The best New Jersey casinos will ensure that their gaming catalogue features diversity and meet the expectations of each player that way. 

Managing Your Bankroll Effectively 

As we said, claiming any online casino promo offer isn’t mandatory. Yet, if you decide to claim these cash prizes, then we recommend you find the best possible way to manage your bankroll effectively. Calculate immediately how much money you need to wager to unlock the deposit bonus amount. Even if your budget is big enough for meeting the defined requirements, ensure that you spend that money wisely. Divide the total amount in equal parts and spend the calculated amount for each session that you have on the selected NJ online casino. Despite spending reasonably, you will use the NJ casino bonuses to improve your self-control and train yourself for responsible gambling. 

Keeping Track of Bonus Expirations

Don’t forget that meeting bonus terms and conditions come with certain deadline. In every moment, you must know how much time is left for unlocking the bonus. Some online casinos in New Jersey will send you notifications on how much time is left. Yet, most of them won’t provide such a service. The journey starts from the moment you made the minimum deposit to your casino account (that’s the first day). Let’s imagine that you have 15 days to unlock the bonus. If after 10 days, you still haven’t passed 50% of the wagering requirement, you must organize your time and budget properly for the last 5 days.  

NJ Online Casino Bonuses

On the New Jersey market, you will find a diversity of promotions in form of deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, cashback offers, free spins, etc. It is not a secret that hundreds of online casinos are trying to reach as many people as possible with some cool rewards for new and existing players. However, we recommend our readers to focus on these four casinos. 

Borgata Online Casino

Borgata online casino is an operator available in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. New players will have the chance to claim a welcome deposit bonus match of 100% for all the deposits that are up to $1000. In addition, they can claim $20 bonus dollars. This online casino lets you use a diversity of debit cards and e-wallets for deposits and withdrawals. The minimum deposit you can make on the website is $10, while the maximum amount you can withdraw to your bank account is $100.000. 

BetMGM Online Casino

BetMGM offers a pretty simple to understand welcome bonus for the newcomers. You can claim a deposit bonus match of 100% up to $2500. BetMGM is recognized as one of the best payout online casinos in New Jersey.

It offers a wide range of payment methods, cool casino games, and a diversity of ongoing bonuses you can claim as a regular player. Their mobile app is amazing and it makes your online gambling journey more comfortable. 

DraftKings Casino 

DraftKings casino offers a really simple to understand online casino welcome bonus. You can claim a 100% deposit bonus match up to $2000. Something we appreciate the most about this casino is its low requirements regarding minimum deposit. With just $5, you can enjoy the casino’s gaming catalog. The casino features amazing casino games developed by the most credible software development companies in the world. 

FanDuel Casino

FanDuel is more focused on rewarding online slot enthusiasts. That’s the reason why their welcome bonus package provides you with 200 bonus spins. Also, the amount of money you spend the first day triggers a cashback bonus that can go up to $1000. Without any doubt, this is a unique offering.

We must highlight that FanDuel online casino really offers a diversity of online slots, and a decent number of table games and live casino games. In addition, you can enjoy sports betting as well! 


It is about time to finish the analyses of NJ online casino bonus offers! As you could see, there really are some cool gambling sites where you can claim promotions with reasonable bonus terms and conditions. Use some of the options highlighted on this page or simply research the bonus types available on the casino that seems most suitable for your needs. Read bonus terms carefully always and organize your budget properly to take advantage of casino bonuses to the fullest. Please, gamble responsibly! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best NJ online casino bonus?

It is hard to give a precise answer. Gamblers have different expectations and preferences. In our opinion, the best ones are those offered by licensed online casinos, with fair bonus terms and conditions. You must determine which bonus type suits your gambling style the most. 

Can I withdraw my bonus winnings immediately?

No, you will need to meet the wagering rate before you get the chance to withdraw your bonus winnings or use them for gambling sessions. Each online casino defines its gambling rate independently. 

How do I claim a no-deposit bonus in NJ?

In most cases, you will only need to open a new casino account. However, some casinos may require you to verify your identity immediately before getting the chance to claim a no deposit bonus. 

What are the wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements define the number of times you must wager the bonus winnings before they become available for withdrawals. For instance, if winnings are $100, and the wagering rate is 15x, you must wager $1500 to unlock the mentioned amount. 

Are NJ online casino bonuses worth it?

Yes! You just need to find those that have fair and legit bonus terms. You can use them for exploiting a new NJ online casino, gaining some experience and getting familiar with different games. 

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