Best Progressive Slots Games & Tips to Play Online in 2024

You have certainly seen progressive slots around your favorite online or land-based casino. However, many of us go through our gaming journey without trying them or finding out what they are. Well, you’re in for a major treat because these games are anything but mediocre, especially when it comes to the prizes that they have to offer. 

Here we’ll give you all the information you could need when it comes to progressive jackpot slots. Find out how to play these games, which will provide the most significant payouts, and learn about strategy, tips, and everything else that comes with these games. 

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What is a Progressive Slot Machine?  

Progressive jackpots are high prizes for certain casino games that increase over time until a player wins. Although they may be found in many other games, the most popular ones tend to focus on slot machines. They often range in prizes from a few thousand dollars to many millions. Both physical casinos and internet casinos offer progressive jackpot games. 

What is a Progressive Slot Machine?  

Most progressive jackpot slot machines need maximum bets to qualify for the jackpot sum. Therefore, you won’t get the progressive if you struck the necessary reels combo or table game hand but didn’t spend the right amount. 

Ensure you know the minimal betting criteria to qualify for the progressive jackpot. And make sure you constantly play at that amount or greater when you bet on a progressive title since missing out could be crushing. The most typical illustration of this has to be a jackpot video poker title. You must play with higher bets to access the highest rewards on most machines.  

Of course, you should not chase a progressive jackpot and play higher stakes if you are uncomfortable with spending that much money. 

The Rules: How do Progressive Slots Work?  

Progressive jackpots accumulate over time till a lucky player claims them; after that, they revert to a fixed amount and begin to accumulate once again. They do this by taking a portion of each wager placed on the game that the progressive slot machine is linked to and contribute it to the total jackpot sum. 

For you to understand precisely how progressive jackpot slots function, below is a hypothetical scenario. For the sake of this section, the sample assumes simple numbers to calculate. These figures accurately reflect the rules but may not be an exact depiction of a real-world progressing game. 

10% of each bet is added to the jackpot amount by the slot machine. The sum is returned to $100,000 when the prize is won. Typically, the reset sum is built from the deposits made to the total progressive jackpot slot machine. 

Until $100,000 is amassed in the reset fund, 1% is utilized to fund the subsequent reset sum, and 9% goes directly to the progressive sum. The full 10% is utilized for the ascending jackpot after the $100,000 has been acquired. Another option for handling this is for the casino or technology supplier, whoever is in charge of the progressive, to advance the $100,000 and the 10% to be applied to that until it has been covered. 

The progressive slot will then go on expanding. Other methods of handling the reset amount exist, but it’s crucial to understand that, like the progressive value, the seed sum is obtained from bets placed on the game. Sticking with our scenario, you are wagering a maximum of $2.50 for every spin in this instance. The progressive payout is boosted by 25% of each play, and $2.25 is treated just like it would be on a non-progressive game. From this second sum, the additional payouts and machine profit are deducted. 

How to Play Progressive Slots: 5 Tips for Beginners  

As a beginner, one of the first things you need to come to terms with is that slots don’t allow you to deploy any concrete strategy. This is primarily due to them being games of chance. However, there are a few things that you can do to minimize the amount of cash that’s lost. 

  1. Choose the Right Game – Being aware of the fact that no two slots are the same is the first step. In addition to having unique themes, music, extra features, and game symbols, each game has a unique RTP (Return to Player) rate. Before you begin playing, check the RTP at the casino website. It pays to choose a title with a strong RTP percentage. 
  2. Practice – You do have the option to try out free slots before playing for real cash. This isn’t only a great deal of fun but also gives you the chance to familiarize yourself with the title and all of its concealed refinements. Enjoy a slot with added bonus features to hone your skills. 
  3. Know the Pay Table – Each pay table on progressive slot machines is distinct. The value of each symbol and which ones are among the most profitable are displayed in the pay table. Additionally, it will state whether the game features scatter and wild symbols. 
  4. Obey your Bankroll – Set your limit before you start, which is among our most crucial bits of advice. Before spinning the reels, consider how much money you’re willing to spend. Quit playing if you’ve reached that amount. 
  5. Understand the Game – Knowing these games and what progressive slots are will be a huge benefit, as you should know that these games are incredibly volatile. 

Most Popular Online Progressive Jackpot Slot Games 

When it comes to the most popular progressive jackpot slot machine titles, it’s not that difficult to find them. Below are some of our favorite jackpot slots and a bit about them. 

Hall of Gods 

The Hall of Gods is among the most often played slots with progressive games. This 5-reel, 20-payline, daring, progressive slot machine delivers gamers some of the largest payouts in the field’s history. 

Hall of Gods

Mega Moolah 

One of the most well-liked and generous slot machines is Mega Moolah. It is a really alluring slot machine game since its jackpot begins at $1 million. It was created by the industry titan Microgaming, which is well-known for its numerous jackpot games and impressive catalogue. 

Mega Moolah

Jackpot Giant 

This is among the greatest 5-reel progressive jackpot slots available right now, including some of the highest quality visuals and 50 pay lines. You must obtain five Wilds to win the jackpot, especially on the first line, while betting no more than $4 each spin. 

Jackpot Giant

Major Millions 

This one is a popular progressive jackpot game that’s been around for a long time. It’s one of the earliest Microgaming-powered progressive slots. Major Millions is the best case of a progressive slot that’s maintained its allure for players throughout the years. 

Major Millions

Progressive Slots Strategy and Tips  

If you wish to win the biggest jackpot, it’s typically wise to place the maximum stake. You won’t succeed in the big time if you are on the frugal side. It doesn’t make a difference when we bet on slots if we assume that they are unpredictable and that the prize might hit at any time.  

But most of us tend to think that if the prize is bigger, it will hit much quicker. Furthermore, if someone recently won the pot and the sum is small, it won’t be hitting for a long time. That sort of reasoning is wrong. However, it makes much more sense to steer clear of progressive slots if the payout is currently low. The probability of you securing the grand prize is so low that if you’re planning to invest cash trying to win it, you may as well do it for a larger pot.  

The choice of game is an additional suggestion. Related to offerings, there are jackpot slots that seem to have a better payout record. In reality, more people are playing those games, and that’s the reason for the better record.   

How Often Do Progressive Slots Hit?  

We often see progressive jackpots as a mathematical conundrum. RNG techniques are used in Vegas-style slot games, which renders them incredibly unpredictable. A progressive jackpot may not always be won at any particular time. 

There may be instances where 10,000 spins pass without a jackpot being won. But when games are popular, you may get enormous wins after just a few spins. The game will eventually pay out its average when you evaluate the spins in greater quantities. You may anticipate a win for most jackpot games between once every 50 million and once every 600 million spins. 

Depending on your game, the typical intervals among jackpot wins might also change. For instance, Major Millions from Microgaming typically pays out once every six weeks, but Jackpot King from Blueprint Gaming typically pays out once every two years. 

Drawbacks of Progressive Slots  

The friendly casino proprietors wish for you to win occasionally, but they don’t want you to walk away with a jackpot every other week. Another thing that most people don’t realize is that whenever there’s a winner, there’s a loser too, and in the case of progressive slots, the loser is us. The nature of the game has all of us pay a small rate towards the grand prize, which is taken from each bet we make.  

This is why you’d always find that progressive jackpot games have a much lower payout rate than traditional slots. While it begins against you, the primary benefit is that your fortunes can change instantly. And this is what makes the game worth it. 

Play Progressive Slots Online for Real Money 

By all means, attempt to win a big progressive slots prize if you have the resources to do so and can consider your betting to be an amusement cost. As a second thought, there’s nothing inappropriate about gambling as a form of amusement or a means of gaining an advantage over an online casino. 

Many infrequent casino patrons prefer to play a few slots or table games before heading out to dinner or seeing a film. Why not utilize the money to gamble at your preferred slot machine if you plan to spend a few hundred dollars on a night out? 

When it comes down to online gaming, you’ll have a host of options available and the only “issue” you might have is choosing a game. 


The most played slot machines in casinos nowadays are those with progressive jackpots. They offer players tempting payouts, hours of entertainment, and the chance to become the city’s newest millionaire. If you’re thinking about trying your hand, you should go through the selection of progressive slot titles that we’ve mentioned above and give any of them a go.  

These titles are licensed, the safest, and most secure, which is one of the reasons they made it onto our list.  Other factors considered when compiling this list include customer service, prompt withdrawals, leading technology, reliable reviews, SSL security, and professional rankings. 

These games aren’t just exciting, but you’ll have the opportunity to win a life-changing amount of money in the blink of an eye. All you need to do now is choose your favorite game and start spinning. 

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